Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning

We teach an exciting and creative curriculum and our aim is to encourage our learners to achieve their very best and to ensure they develop skills and talents in all aspects of intellectual, social and physical development.  The curriculum is divided into the following stages:

Foundation Stage

Nursery (3-4 years old) and Reception (4-5 years old)

Key Stage 1

Years 1 (5-6 years old) and 2 (6-7 years)

Key Stage 2

Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (7-11 years)

The children study a variety of Imaginative Learning Projects which cover the primary curriculum and includes the core areas of learning and experience which are essential to a child’s development which are defined within the National Curriculum. The learning environment is also carefully planned to support learning and teaching in core curriculum areas so that children can become independent and motivated learners who fulfil their true potential.
The core areas are:

  • English language and literacy – speaking, listening reading and writing play an important in the learning process and are outlined in the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.
  • Speaking and listening – we encourage learners to express themselves effectively and confidently for different purposes and audiences and to listen and respond to each other.
  • Reading – we teach reading skills daily and provide opportunities to read in all areas of the curriculum. We employ a systematic approach to phonics and other word reading strategies and seek to engender a life-long love of reading. The school is well equipped with a variety of interactive books, audio books and pictures to encourage learners to look, listen, talk and read.
  • Writing – learners are encouraged to write for a variety of purposes and are taught the skills needed to become confident writers.
  • Mathematics – learners develop their numeracy, problem solving and reasoning skills through a range of practical activities and challenges.
  • Science – learners have opportunities to explore and learn about their world. They learn to hypothesise, test their predictions and draw conclusions.
  • Information and Communication Technology – learners are equipped with the necessary skills and confidence to successfully function in the changing world of technology.
  • Religious Education – we believe that all learners should develop mutual respect and understanding of many different beliefs and cultures. You will have the right to withdraw your child from RE and Collective Worship by written request.

Your child will also study the following Foundation subjects:

  • History
  • Music
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Design Technology
  • Physical Education
  • Swimming – this is part of the National Curriculum. The school aims for every child to be able to swim before they move to secondary school. Qualified swimming instructors work with the children to teach this important life skill.
  • Personal, Social & Health Education and Citizenship
  • Sex and Relationship Education – this is taught as part of health education scheme within Key Stage 2. Parents are invited to view all material before it is taught, and have the option of withdrawing their child by written request.

We teach these through our Imaginative Learning Project curriculum that encompasses the National Curriculum. We provide high levels of enjoyment and creativity so that children are inspired to learn.