Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

What to expect on your first day

The first day of school is different for every child - and every parent! Some children find it harder to separate from their parents, whilst some quite happy say their goodbyes and get excited to start the day. Either way, it is best if you can separate from your child as quickly as possible as this will lower the chances of them getting upset. Once inside it is much easier to distract them and staff will be able to settle them in.

We know this can be very hard for parents and carers to do - particularly if you are leaving your child at a nursery and have not had much time away from them. However - please know that we are here to support you, and your strength will set a brilliant example for your child. If you are concerned after dropping your child off, you can ring the school office after 9.30am, to get an update.

We want your child to be happy and settle into their new routine as quickly as possible!


Please enter the building via the main school gate. On the right will be the Nursery door and ramp. The class teacher will be ready to welcome you!


On the first day please come to the main playground entrance (James Turner Road) for the Reception Class entrance. The staff will be available for any questions before the children are invited in. 

What will my child be doing?

We want to make the first day as easy as possible for your child, so the day will be focused around getting them used to the school environment, and helping them to make friends with their classmates. Every member of our staff team will be on hand to offer a smiley helpful approach to the day - from our teachers through to our facilities and catering team. 

We'll introduce your child to their learning environment, and do some very simple learning together to help build a sense of campanionship and trust between pupils and our teachers. Break times are designed to be at differing times to help with any anxiety around a new environment/lots of new people, and lunch and snacks served throughout the day. 

Particularly in Nursery, but across our early years curriculum, we try to encourage play based, explorative learning; the first day will be no exception. Easing children into learning at an appropriate rate is the key to developing a sense of security and excitement about school, so on their first day your child will have a lot of time to explore our classroom and (weather permitting) outside learning areas!

Don't worry we will be there every step of the way, from the goodbye at the gates, to reuniting after school (and any questions you may have at the end of the day) - ready to to it all again the next day!