Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Attendance and Punctuality

At Oasis Academy Foundry we work in partnership with Education Welfare Services to support our children and families in maintaining good attendance.

Please do not take your​ children out of school during term time - you could lose your school place or be fined.


Good attendance and punctuality are essential if you are to succeed at the Academy, in fact research shows that there is a direct link between good attendance and academic progress and achievement.

1 day off = 5 missed lessons
3 days off = 15 missed lessons
1 week off = 25 missed lessons

Attendance rates as low as 96% can have a serious implication for your child's outcome, confidence and personal development. 

All students must make every effort to attend the Academy every day. However we accept that some students may become ill or have other genuine reasons for absence. Therefore we aim to ensure that no students’ attendance falls below 97%. If you are absent the Academy must be notified on the first day. A written explanation will need to be handed in when the student returns. Please note that the Academy will not authorise holidays taken during term times.

Illness, Accidents, Medicines and Signing out of the Academy

During the Academy day if, at any time, you feel unwell or have an accident you must inform a teacher straight away. If you require medical treatment your teacher will provide you with an exit note to go and see the Academy Medical Officer in the Medical Room. Here the Medical Officer will assess your condition and make a decision whether or not you can remain in the Academy. If you are being sent home, then the Academy will contact your parent/carer to make suitable arrangements.


If you need to take any form of medication at the Academy you need to bring a letter from your parent/carer explaining what the medication is for and when you need to take it. You will also need to show the medication in its original box or bottle to the Academy Medical Officer. Lastly, all medication should be taken in the presence of the Academy Medical Officer or a designated First Aider.

Signing Out

Under no circumstances should any child leave the academy for any reason without permission and following the correct procedures. If there are other reasons for you needing to leave during the academy day then your parent/carer is required to call the academy in advance explaining the reason. Before leaving the academy, a member of the school staff will sign you out.

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